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Nyco offers a comprehensive product portfolio formulated for most lubricant applications approved by the major European and American military authorities, they are a widely recognised manufacturer of synthetic esters and aviation lubricants from Civil to Military, Gas turbines and many speciality industrial processes.

The range includes the brand leaders:

Turbonycoil: A broad line of synthetic lubricants designed specifically for gas-turbined engines powering aircraft, naval and marine, and power generation plants.

Hydraunycoil: Hydraulic fluids designed to operate in extreme environments with wide temperature ranges and fire hazard conditions for marine, miltary and aviation equipment.

Nycogrease: Synthetic greases that combine excellent protection against wear and corrosion, long durability and extreme temperature capabilities for aviation, marine and ground military applications.

Nycolube: A range of synthetic lubricating oils for special applications including firearms cleaning, lubricating and protecting.

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