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Our expertise in lubrication enables us to offer a range of services which extends lubricants supply into the care and maintenance of plant, equipment and facilities management.

Plant Surveys

A planned lubrication package, giving a complete appraisal of the lubrication needs of an individual piece of equipment or an entire production plant. This can lead to cost benefits as a result of improvements in efficiency and reliability of assets.

Stock Management

Ensures you don't overstock or run out of lubricant. Minimum stock and product rationalisation, planned visits and calls to your plant, help with the selection and supply of storage equipment, simplified ordering and pre-planned ordering and deliveries.

Coolant Management

A large amount of soluble oils are employed in engineering workshops. Keeping fluids in a first-class condition is vital to consistently high quality output. Southern Lubricants offers a complete package to manage this area using the company's expertise and resources in coolant technology.

Condition Monitoring

Maintenance costs can be controlled more effectively by analysis of the condition of critical items of plant. Oil analysis is the condition-based maintenance service technique providing an extremely accurate picture of major equipment, at a glance.

Product Disposal

As part of our service we will advise on best practice for the management of fluid waste. From recycling , to waste reduction processes and eventual disposal.

Fluid Management

Southern Lubricants has a flexible approach to total fluid management and offers tailor-made programmes to meet the exact need of your plant. Programmes range from regular visits by Field Service Technicians to multi-skilled teams based permanently on site. By using best practise we can provide the expertise to manage large equipment and manpower service contracts, whilst our development programmes ensure the very latest in lubricant technology.


Southern Lubricants provide cost effective oil & fuel oil filtration solutions and a comprehensive oil analysis service to all industries that can help significantly reduce businesses overheads, reduce operating costs, reduce waste and minimise the impact to the environment. To reduce the operating cost of your hydraulic equipment, don't change the oil - filter it. Water or particle contamination rarely necessitates an oil change - unless the contamination has resulted in additive depletion or base oil degradation. These contaminants can be removed from hydraulic fluid and gearbox oils by filtration.

Spill Resource

Southern Lubricants supply a complete range of Storage and Spill Prevention Equipment to meet your environmental and safety requirements. The product range covers basic spill kits to purpose built container size stores, for internal and external use for all types of oil and lubricant containment.

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