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Total Concept TP Star Range
Star Max FE 10w/30 (Low Saps) and Star Trans 80w-110 cover the whole range of requirements achieving the dual objective of high technical performance and simplicity of use. Exceptional performance and reduced fuel useage.
> Total Concept TP Star Range

Aero 80 / 100 / 120
Lubrication of Aero piston engines operating under severe conditions when use of an oil containing a dispersant additive is not required.
> Aero 80 / 100 / 120

Aero D range
Aero D range are recognised for the lubrication of aircraft piston engines operating under severe and very severe conditions when an oil containing a dispersant additive is required.
> Aero D range

Aero XPD 80,100,120
Aero XPD are ashless dispersive monograde mineral oils for aircraft piston engines.Lubrication of aircraft piston engines operating under severe and very severe conditions when an oil containing a dispersant additive is required.
> Aero XPD 80,100,120

Aerogear 823
Aerogear 823 is an extreme pressure mineral oil for highly stressed helicopter gears.meets MIL-PRF-6086E,DEF-STAN 91-112/1*,Joint Service Designation: OEP-70 and NATO code: O-155.
> Aerogear 823

Aerogear 1032
Aerogear 1032 is an extreme-pressure mineral oil for new-generation helicopter heavily loaded transmissions. EUROCOPTER ECS2199 approved, MIL-PRF-6086E, DTD 581 C grade OEP-70,Joint Service :OEP-70 and NATO code:O-155.
> Aerogear 1032

Aerohydraulic 520
Aerohydraulic 520 for all hydraulic systems operating under the conditions of use of high pressure with low and extremely low temperatures.MIL-H-5606 A,DEF STAN 91-48/1,OM-18, NATO Code: H-520
> Aerohydraulic 520

Aeroprotective 219
Aeroprotective 219 for the Internal protection of piston engines. DEF STAN 91-40/2, PX-27,NATO Code: C-615
> Aeroprotective 219

Agritraite is a premium quality lubricant for milking machine vacuum pumps.
> Agritraite

Altis EM 2 High Speed Polyurea Grease
ALTIS EM 2 designed for the lubrication of electrical motor bearings,slides and racks subjected to high temperatures.
> Altis EM 2

Altis SH 2 High Speed EP Polyurea Grease
ALTIS SH 2 is a top of the range synthetic grease designed for factory fill and sealed-for-life applications.
> Altis SH 2

Ash Free Hydraulic oils
Ash free hydraulic oil is a high performance ashless anti-wear hydraulic oil designed to fulfill the severest industrial applications:
> Ash Free Hydraulic Oils

Azolla DZF Detergent Hydraulic Oils
Azolla DZF is designed for any hydraulic circuits where significant amounts of water are unavoidably introduced and when it is impossible to drain off the water
> Azolla DZF

Azolla ZS Hydraulic Oils
Designed for use in all kind of hydraulic sytems running under the most difficult conditions, such as in machine tools, mould injection machines, presses and other industrial or mobile equipment.
> Azolla ZS

Caprano TD 15w/40 Marine
Specially recommended for lubricating supercharged marine propulsion engines (fishing, carriage of passengers or goods and Leisure
> Caprano TD 15w/40 Marine

Caprano TD 30 Marine
Mono grade detergent oil for 4 stroke marine diesels.
> Caprano TD 30 marine

Caprano TDH 15w/40 Marine
Particularly suitable for the most demanding fast running Diesel engines and all naturally-aspirated or supercharged 4-stroke marine Diesels.
> Caprano TDH 15w/40

Caprano TDI 15w/40 Marine
Particularly suited to the most modern and demanding fastrunning marine diesels, notably those with exhaust gas recycling in order to satisfy the environmental standards regarding reduction of pollutant emissions up to EURO Phase IIIa or US EPA Tier 3.
> Caprano TDI 15w/40 Marine

Carter EP Gear Oil
CARTER EP is a specially designed mineral oil for lubricating enclosed gears operating under severe conditions:also level and spur gears, bearings and gear couplings and worm gears.
> Carter EP Gear Oils

Carter SH (PAO) Synthetic Gear Oil
TOTAL CARTER SH is a fully synthetic PAO gear oil developed for enclosed industrial gears and heavily loaded gear couplings, providing optimum gear protection against micopitting and bearing protection under very severe conditions.
> Carter SH

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