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The next generation of productivity-enhancing lubricants

Equipment failure and unscheduled downtime can be extremely costly for your business.  In fact, costs can quickly rocket into tens of thousands of pounds. 

The Mobil SHCTM 600, Mobil SHC GearTM, Mobil SHC CibusTM, and Mobil SHC PegasusTM series of lubricants help your equipment reach maximum potential. 

By extending oil drain intervals and enhancing equipment performance, your business could realize the benefits of improved productivity, as well as reduce lubricant waste and reduce power consumption through effective lubrication with Mobil SHC.

Across the world, customers are reporting energy savings, less unscheduled downtime, and extended oil drain intervals by converting equipment to synthetic Mobil SHC series oils.
If your business has increasing productivity requirements or efficiency targets then Mobil SHC products can help you achieve your productivity goals.

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