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Upcoming Changes to Havoline and Texaco Motor Oil Ranges

Chevron is making changes to its Havoline and Texaco Motor Oil ranges.  Planned changes to the Havoline Oil Range are:

  • Small pack labelling on Havoline Ultra S 5W-30 and 5W-40 will show dexos2 logo and licence number
  • Small pack label change to Havoline Energy MS 5W-30
  • Havoline Extra 10W-40 and Havoline Diesel Extra 10W-40 will move to a Group II formulation with an upgarde in existing specifications inlcuding additional MB, VW, Renault and PSA claims
  • Havoline Premium 15W-40 will be replaced by a new product Havoline 15W-40
  • Users of Havoline Premium 20W-50 will be transitioning to Texaco Motor Oil 20W-50
  • Introduction of Havoline Ultra 0W-20 and 0W-30 (due October / November)
  • Introduction of Havoline Energy 5W-20 (due October /November)

Planned changes to the Texaco Motor Oil range:

  • A new formulation of Texaco Motor Oil 10W-40 with updated API specifications
  • Introduction of Texaco Motor Oil 20W-50 to replace Havoline Premium 20W-50
  • Introduction of Texaco Moto Oil 5W-40
  • Introduction of Texaco Motor Oil 15W-40


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