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Fentex Spill Resource Catalogue 2014/2015
All the spill resource products you need:
- Absorbents
- Spill kits for oils, fuels and solvents
- spillpod
- Drip trays
- Spillpallets
- Bunded workfloors
- Spill trays
- Waste oil collection point
> Fentex Spill Resource Guide
> Fextex Product Catalogue 2014/2015

Bunded Diesel Refueling System
If you are running vehicles, beat any fuel shortage with your own fully bunded, low-cost diesel store.
- 1,000 litre IBC tank.
- Bund complies with all current UK Oil Storage Regulations.
- Gravity-fed fueling system requires no power.

> Bunded Diesel Refuelling System

EVO Absorbent Evolution
EVO is leading the way in absorbent evolution. This spill pad is sustainable, high performing and innovative. This is the new standard in absorbent pads. It is made in Britain from recycled natural fibres. Weight for weight EVO is the most absorbent pad in Europe.

> Evo Absorbent Evolution

Oil & Fuel Residue Removal Kits
Cleaning of oil & fuel residues has never been so easy!
- Completely removes oil & fuel residue
- Contains all the products and tools for the whole job
- Simple, step-by-step Application Guide
- No solvents or caustics; totally environmentally friendly
- Nothing to escape to the drain; minimal environmental impact
- Each kit cleans 2.5m2; Expansion packs available for larger residues

> Oil & Fuel Residue Kit

MOBI - Compact Mobile Spill Kit
Spill protection over extensive areas without the need for several Spill Kits. With its wide rubber tyres, transporting the Spill Kit MOBI over concrete, tarmac, grass and compressed road stone is no problem.
Ideal for:
- Warehouses
- Boilerhouses
- Truckparks
- Vehicle depots

> MOBI - Compact Mobile Spill Kit

MOBI Absorbent Dispenser Cart

> MOBI Absorbent Dispenser Cart

Waste Oil Collection Point
Spill control for the waste oil collection area. This information includes:
- Drum funnel
- Waste oil collection point sump
- Waste oil collection point spill kits
- Spill kits + drip tray

> Waste Oil Collection Point Spill Kits

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