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Rolls Royce Approvals
Houghton Rolls Royce approvals by grade

> Rolls Royce Approvals
 Rolls Royce Approvals width=

Monitoring Metalworking Fluids
Advisory guide to the basic condition monitoring of coolants

> Monitoring metalworking fluids
 Monitoring Metalworking Fluids width=

Houghton Aerospace Recommendations
Houghton latest metalworking technology for Aerospace, Hocut 795B and Cutmax chlorine free neat cutting oils.

> Aerospace recommendations
 Houghton Aerospace Recommendations width=

HSE and Metalworking Fluids
HSE and metalworking fluids in the work place,respiratory and airborne

> HSE and metalworking fluids
 HSE and Metalworking Fluids width=

Houghto-Clean selector recommendations
Houghto-Clean selector recommendations, ABC Machine Cleaner, Gum Solvent,Cerfa-Kleen

> Houghto-Clean selector recommendations
 Houghto-Clean selector recommendations width=

Houghton range of Cleaners and applications, Houghto-Clean, Cerfa-Kleen and ABC machine cleaner.

> Houghton cleaners
 Cleaners width=

Houghton Rust-Veto and Ensis fluids selector
Houghton Rust-Veto and Ensis fluids selector chart and recommendations.

> Houghton Rust-Veto and Ensis
 Houghton Rust-Veto and Ensis fluids selector width=

Neat Cutting Oils
Houghton neat cutting oils operations and applications, Cut-Max range for all are free from chlorine and are based on sophisticated blends of esters, sulphurised additives, antiwear additives, anti-oxidants and anti-misting agents.

> Houghton neat cutting oils
 Neat Cutting Oils width=

Soluble Cutting Oils
Houghton water soluble cutting fluids and applications including modern synthetic coolants for surface grinding and for heavy duty machining, complete the Hocut and Houghto-Grind range.

> Houghton soluble cutting oils
 Soluble Cutting Oils width=

Houghton Soluble selector chart
Houghton soluble coolants include Hocut, Adrana, Sitala, Houghtogrind and Dromus.

> Houghton Soluble selector chart
 Houghton Soluble selector chart width=

Metal Forming Lubricants
Houghton's range of metalforming lubricants contain a wide selection of products for applications ranging from light stamping to heavy duty deep drawing and cold heading. Cindolube, Mouldlubric, Houghto-Draw and Tube Lubricant complete the range.

> Houghton metalforming lubricants
 Metal Forming Lubricants width=

Quenching Oils
Houghton's high performance quenching oils offer a range of
quenching speeds and operating temperatures to suit your specific heat treatment requirements.Houghto-Quench, Klen-Quench, Mar-Temp and Klen-Temp complete the range.

> Houghton Quench Oils
 Quenching Oils width=

Aqua-Quench Polymer Quench Oils
Aqua-Quench polymer quenchants are available with cooling rates between those of water and mineral oil and with comparable cooling rates to normal, medium and accelerated mineral oil based quenchants.

> Houghton Polymer quench oils
 Aqua-Quench Polymer Quench Oils width=

Houghton Heat Treatment products
Houghton Heat Treatment products selector chart, Houghto-Quench, Mar-Temp and Aqua-Quench.

> Houghton Heat Treatment products
 Houghton Heat Treatment products width=

Vegetable based Cutting Fluids
Houghton range of vegetable based cutting fluids, Products are biodegradeable from renewable sources, free from mineral oil,
chlorinated additives or phenolic emulsifiers and have many performance advantages over mineral oil based analogues.Cut-Max ML, V , Hocut TR and 3450, Waylubricant and Cerfa-Kleen.

> Houghton Vegetable based cutting fluids
 Vegetable based Cutting Fluids width=

Fluid Power
Houghton's Fluid Power range contains a comprehensive selection of high performance lubricants, greases and hydraulic fluids to satisfy production and maintenance needs in machine shops, assembly areas, die-casting foundries and primary metal manufacturing plants.Houghto-Drive, Sta-Put and Hydro-Slide lead the way.

> Houghton Fluid Power
 Fluid Power width=

Hocut 795B Coolant
Houghton Hocut 795B coolant case study for the Aerospace Industry

> Hocut 795B Aerospace Case Study
 Hocut 795B Coolant  width=

Houghton Fluid Power selector chart
Houghton Fluid Power range of ptoducts include Houghto-Drive, Hydro-Slide, Sta-Put, Houghto-Safe, Hydrolubric, Cosmolubric

> Houghton Fluid Power
 Houghton Fluid Power selector chart width=

Houghton Rust-Veto and Ensis fluids
Houghton dewatering and rust preventatives selector chart, which one is for you - Rust-Veto or Ensis?

> Houghton Rust-Veto and Ensis fluids
 Houghton Rust-Veto and Ensis fluids width=

Macron EDM 130
Macron EDM 130 is based on paraffinic hydrocarbons. Its very low aromatic content improves working conditions for most spark erosion applications.

> Macron EDM 130

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