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Shell Croda MOD
Shell Crodafluid MOD selector chart

> Croda MOD recommendations
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Aeroshell product specifications
For each AeroShell Grade listed the relevant U.S. and U.K. Specifications, NATO Code Number and Joint Service Designation are listed. Details of the product and application are also given and where appropriate comments are included. Where an asterisk* appears alongside either the U.S. or U.K. Specification in the list,it means that the AeroShell Grade is not necessarily fully approved to that specification but that it meets the requirements of that specification.

> Shell Aeroshell product range
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Shell industrial lubricants overview
This brochure presents you an overview of the Shell Industrial European range of lubricants and fluids. Designed to suit the needs of the European industry to have one common range of products which is available in all European countries.

> Shell industrial lubricants overview
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Cassida food safe lubricants
Shell Cassida Fluid range are high performance fluids specially developed for use in all aspects of the food and beverage industry.

> Cassida food safe lubricants
 Cassida food safe lubricants width=

Donax transmission fluids
Shell leadership is clear, the number one provider of lubricants in
the world, and the Shell Donax portfolio covers the vast majority
of existing Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission Fluid requirements.

> Donax transmission fluids
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Corena compressor oils
As OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) design rotary screw and vane compressors to work harder, longer and with higher delivery pressures, the demands on lubricants have increased. That is why Shell Lubricants have developed new Corena S and AS. Both Corena S and AS have been specifically designed for use in these modern types of compressors,where Shells new lubricants demonstrate considerable performance improvements. This is particularly true in the critical areas of compressor cleanliness and wear protection.

> Corena compressor oils
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Helix motor oils
Choose the right oil, Helix Ultra, HX3,HX5 and HX7.

> Helix motor oils
 Helix motor oils width=

Naturelle environmentally
As part of Shells own commitment to sustainable development, the company has developed a range of environmentally considerate lubricants which not only help you meet your regulatory obligations, but also provide adequate protection for your equipment assets.These include Environmentally Considerate Lubricants ECLs)for applications in which total or partial loss of lubricant to the environment is likely, for example in mining, forestry or earthmoving applications.

> Naturelle environmentally approved
 Naturelle environmentally  width=

Omala industrial gearbox oils
The revitalised range of Shell gear oils includes our well-known Omala and Tivela brands. These specialist oils have proven their protective abilities in millions of hours of use all over the world. Enhanced gearbox protection and seal compatibility; longer oil life and high energy efficiency are just some of the benefits.

> Omala gear oils
 Omala industrial gearbox oils width=

Rimula engine oils
Shells extensive experience in supplying heavy duty engine oils to some of the worlds leading tractor, agriculture and construction equipment makers, means you can be sure we will have the right product to provide year round protection and reliability. With a wide range of approvals, products such as Shell Rimula R3 X are the ideal choice for heavy duty protection for all your on and off-highway equipment, and with approvals from leading OEMs such as Caterpillar, Cummins, Deutz and MTU, our new products such as Shell Rimula RT4 L are ready for the next generation of off-highway engines.

> Rimula engine oils
 Rimula engine oils width=

The Rimula engine oil for you
Which Shell Rimula is right for you?

> Rimula product for you
 The Rimula engine oil for you width=

Metalworking fluids
Using quality lubricants can help your equipment work more reliably, which can help to increase your output and your profitability, even when working under tough conditions and under demanding deadlines. Shell Metalworking has developed a comprehensive range.
Water soluble fluids include; Metalina, Adrana, Sitala and Dromus.
Neat oils include; Macron and Garia and Corrosion Preventative is Ensis.

> Metalworking fluids
 Metalworking fluids width=

Spirax gearbox oils
Shell Spirax is the leading brand of transmission and gear fluids available today. Spirax GSX and ASX are premium quality fully synthetic lubricants formulated to provide the ultimate in component protection, fuel economy and long life operation for your vehicles.

> Spirax gearbox oils
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Tellus hydraulic oils
Shell Tellus variable temperature hydraulic oils include a new polymer technology that helps them outperform major competitors and protect your investment. Shell Tellus and Tellus T are the world’s leading hydraulic brand, and has now become better than ever.

> Tellus hydraulic oils
 Tellus hydraulic oils width=

Turbo T turbine oils
Products in the Shell Turbo range of turbine oils are formulated in
accordance with the requirements of the main turbine OEMs such as ABB, GEC-Alstom, General Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Siemens-Westinghouse. Industry standards include ASTM, BS, DIN, ISO, JIS.

> Turbo turbine oils
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Omala S2G gear oils
Shell Omala S2 G oil is formulated to provide extra protection and
performance for industrial gears. Under extreme pressure conditions, it is an oil that is designed to provide long life, and to keep a range of gears working efficiently by offering good corrosion protection and water separation.It is widely recognised and approved by leading equipment manufacturers.

> Omala S2G Gear Oils
 Omala S2G gear oils width=

Morlina bearing and circulation
Shell offers a range of bearing and circulating oils ranging from robust, reliable products to fully synthetic products fortified with extreme-pressure (EP) additives. There are also speciality products designed to cope with hot, wet or dusty environments, or high precision operations.

> Morlina bearing and circulatory oils
 Morlina bearing and circulation width=

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